Your LegStyle

Are You Man Enough?


We all have a unique style that best first our comfort & personality!
Submit a photo of yourself, wearing  your favorite outfit, showing off your LegStyle!

The rules are simple:
1. NO Nudity!

2. Must be wearing some form of tights, pantyhose, leggings, mantyhose, etc. Considering that is the subject here, I’m sure that goes without having to say.

3. You Must be holding a sign, or peace of paper that clearly reads “My LegStyle”, as proof it actually you and not a picture you stole from the internet! It doesn’t have to be pretty, just legible so we can read it.

4. Submit picture to my email:
With the subject “My LegStyle” so I know what to look for in my inbox.
(You may also post on my Facebook group page “LegStyle“)
Or tweet it to me @LegStyle

5. Understand that by submitting a photo, you give me permission to add said photo to this page, I will not use your name, only your photo.

6. Be brave! Include your face in the photo! Photos with faces will not be posted!

This isn’t my favorite outfit, but you get the idea…






3 thoughts on “Your LegStyle

  1. bonnet says:

    Design clothing that men also can wear everything that woman clothing that men can also wear it panties,bra,pantyhose,dress,skirts,nighties everything !!! Make for men also that men can wear also woman clothing because woman wear men clothing and that no issues then. … That al over the world men can wear woman clothing also (and fits beter and looks better and feels great )

  2. AlanChristianson says:

    I love wearing tights when I can, but also wear a leotard with it, trust me! They r the most comfertable thing ever, especially with tights on. If u need tights, go to , thats were I get mine, and go to womens-dancwear and thats were cheap leotards r.

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