Friends in Fashion


It seems like everyday I receive an email or instant message from guys asking “How do you wear in public?”

I suppose for me, it just comes naturally at this point in my life… but it wasn’t always like that!
It really helps if you have friends!

There are hundreds of sites out there that promote and support pantyhose / tights as a unisex fashion garment, but most of them are either trying to sell you something, or posting legwear as a fetish item..
Here are a few of my friends in fashion that won’t try to sell you anything, and who see legwear as a fashionable choice of style!
See reviews on different brands,
Keep with the latest trends,
Talk to others who enjoy the style,
Learn about different reasons we all have for wearing,
And please, don’t harass anyone,
You’ll find them to be helpful, and friendly… just a bunch of regular guys who agree that tights serve as a functional & fashionable garment that everyone should be wearing these days!
Especially in colder weather!

1. Legwear For Men

2. JT Punk

3. LegStyle

4. Tights Unisex Fashion

5. Men’s Fashion Freedom


6. The Nylon Gene


7. A Moment With SpeedKing

Adding a few more, check back later..


One thought on “Friends in Fashion

  1. Stefan says:

    Спасибо за то ,что вы делаете! Мужчины должны носить колготки .Я ношу колготки всю жизнь,но только под брюки.Вы смелый человек, восхищаюсь вами!

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