Fashion Tips


Obviously we are No longer living in a time of merry men from the renaissance fair.  To some this may look ridiculous in many ways.


So how do we keep ourselves looking Cool, and hip with the current trends, and still dress as comfortably as we want to in tights?


It’s easy… all you have to do is wear what you would normally wear, only match one more garment to your outfit.

Nothing from what you would normally wear had to change…


As you see in the image above, these men would normally wear shorts, and a shirt… the only thing they did differently was add a pair of pantyhose dressed their legs to match, or in some cases stand out.


Solid colors can often either make it, or break it… a little bit of color can be a good thing that’s pleasing to the eyes… however too much of one color or many colors can be overwhelming.
I’ve see a few fashion shows where the designer dress their model in their over done ideas, that loose the appeal, and end up having to much going on.


To many shapes, too much of one color washing everything else out, clothes not actually fitting properly, or too many layers…


Like this for example.. shiny dress shoes, with silver short shorts, and a long sleeve pull over jacket / sweater that’s zipped all the way up… is this guy going to a meeting, going to the gym, or trying to stay warm… there’s so much going on here, it’s confusing…

If you’re going to wear tights, at least make since… like in this next photo:


A couple of friends out playing ball.
The shoes match the clothes, and the clothes match everywhere else.. it’s easy to see what these people are doing.  The only subtle difference between this, and what your likely use to seeing is that they are wearing tights.
No Big Deal Right?
Guys still being guys, looking like guys, being themselves… and it’s easy to tell who the woman is in that group.

Here is one of my favorite examples:

A man and woman both wearing denim with jackets, pantyhose, and tennis shoes… if I didn’t know any better, I’d say they were going out for a walk around town.

There’s nothing “costume” like about anything they have on. It all ties together nicely.


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