First LegStyle Poem of 2015

Today is the first of twenty fifteen,
Now looking back on the things that I’ve seen.
And all of the amazing places I have been.
Last year was one that I’ll always “Remember when?”.

Who knows what the future brings,
Hopefully more hosiery, and other great things.
I’m hoping more styles from L’eggs and Hanes,
If I could design my own, they’d be amazing!

Maybe this year I’ll try ActivSkin,
After all, they are made just for men.
If other brands made mens #tights more hash tag stylish,
I know plenty of us would buy, before you could bat an eyelash!

I’d like to travel the world, and visit The Hosiery Bar.
Only I don’t a pass port, so I can’t travel that far.
All the best tights are in the UK,
It’d be a dream come true, to travel there someday!

I could even go to Africa, and visit Legwear Safari,
If I’m forgetting anyone, I truly am sorry.
There are so many brands, with such a plethora of style.
I’d visit them all, and be gone for a while!

It is 2015, so who the heck knows?
Already I have 3 new pairs of #pantyhose !
One thing is certain, on this you can depend.
Trendy Legs is much more than a #trend !

For some it’s a #fetish, for most it’s a #fashion.
For me it may seem odd, but #LegStyle is a #passion.
I absolutely love all of the patterns and prints.
Even the different colors, deniers, and tints.

If only I could make a living in the #hosiery industry…
There I go again, thinking wishfully.
But who knows what this new year has in store.
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First LegStyle Poem of 2015

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One thought on “First LegStyle Poem of 2015

  1. Javan H. says:

    Preach! Happy 2015. \,,/

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