Small World

My nabor accross the street, turned out being my cousin.
This guy that I use to hang out with, ended up bing her husband.
I saw an old friend from my past just yesterday.
I havent seen you in years, what brings you this way.

A family member died not to long ago.
I didnt know them well, but I figured I would show.
There I met new family, that I have know for years.
We use to get together to drink a few beers.

I dated this girl in school, but that was in a diffrent state.
She found my number in her purse, and now we have a date.
I thought that when I moved, I left the past behind.
Boy how it catches up, but I dont seem to mind.

I’ed like to travle the world and see all there is to see.
But why travle the world, when it ends up travling to me.
Everyone I know, seems to know people too.
And everyone they know, are people I once knew.

If you know a friend that knows me, maybe we should meet.
Who knows, it possible, I might live down the street.
So talk to your friend and maybe you can give me a call.
We could bump into each other sometime, Its a small world after all!

Thanks for reading. I wrote this in high school, more old poetry and maybe some new… coming soon.


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