A Poem About Nothing


What is that that I can not feel?
What is this that I can not steel?
What is in the life of death?
What is in my every breath?

What do lies get when your stories are done?
What do you get when you give none?
What is life with out love and cheer?
What is found in the bottle, when you’ve drank all the beer?

A blind man looks around at the world today.
A deaf man listens to the words that I say.
Nothing is seen, and nothing is heard,
Nothing is felt, not even one word.

Nothing is the emptiness that we have all had.
Nothing isn’t always good, but its not always bad.
Nothing can teach us where we don’t want to be.
Nothing can show is what we don’t want to see.

Nothing is the deepest felling that often goes unnoticed.
Nothing is what you may have thought, just before this.
Nothing is something, so this I ask to you.
Is nothing the thing most, that you really want to do?

Thanks for reading, leave comments below, let me know what you think.

Posted by Christopher James


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