One Small Word After The Next!

One at a Time

One Word at a time,
It does not have to rhyme,
I pick the sub Ject,
That word won’t count, heck!

This could be tough,
but I can do it.
Though it is rough,
There is not much to it…
See that…
I all most blew it!

Thanks for your words,
In the con mint box,
I make up words,
I’m sly like a fox!

Did you know I could,
Or is this all a shock?
I bet you did not think I would,
And this is why I rock!

Now write your own Word Press post,
Use any words you chose!
The less you use is most,
With short words you can not lose!

Thank you all for the read,
but now I wrap things up.
A brain is all you need,
To write with the big dogs, pup!

Thank you all for read in this post, it was fun to write.
I bet you still think it will rhyme… though now I’m done… OK.. it might!
Good Night!

Submitted for the WordPress challenge to write a post using only one syllable words… that was fun, Thanks guys!

Posted by Christopher James

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