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10 #LegStyle Design Art

Hi Everyone!
I’m in the process of putting together a page to sell some LegStyle Designed Artwork! 
I would love to hear your thoughts on some of my work.
Vote for your favorites if any by commenting below with what number(s) are your favorite!
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Watch “Santa found my hidden video camera!” on YouTube

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope Santa came and left you all great gifts this year!  He left me a stocking full of coal! Watch the video to find out why!

Santa found my hidden video camera!:

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Has anyone heard of this yet?

Join me on tsū, they are sharing social revenues with all of us #tsunation

LegStyle Poetry

I wear them as underwear, 
I wear them as socks,
I wear them without care,
Because LegStyle rocks!

Its one simple garment,
Mostly seen in the fall.
There’s no harm in it,
They were made for us all.

I wear them with shorts,
And sometimes under pants.
There are all sorts,
Go ahead and glance.

Some disagree,
Others say Wow!
Its not everyday you see,
A man with LegStyle!

My blog says a lot,
This is no scandal,
If you think my LegStyle is hot,
You should subscribe to my YouTube Channel!


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His & Her Hosiery


Wrapping comfert from hips to toes,
Warming legs like no other knows.
Many people wear pantyhose,
Not just the women but even my bros.

Some call them Tights,
And thats their rights.
I call it LegStyle,
And have for a while…

We all have our preference in what we like to wear,
Some will complement you, while others wont care.
Colors, patterns, prints, and denier,
Some are opaque, and some are sheer.

Nylon, Spandex, Silk, & Cotten,
Made from many materials,  in case you’ve forgotten.
Soft and smooth, vs rough and hairy,
To not wear Hosiery would be quitr scary!
I love the way they feel, I must admit,
Or else I wouldn’t be here, writting this bit.
I picked this subject because it fit,
Not just because it’s my favorite.

From beginning of putting on hose,
Slip in the leg, start at the toes.
Slide up the foot, and pull past the knee,
Explore different looks for all to see.

Hugging so thight,
keeping evething in place.
Fitting just right,
Regardless of gender or race!

Skirt, Shorts, Jacket, or Vest,
To spruce up your look, Tights work the best.

By Christopher James

Thanks for readind! I’d love to hear what you thought, so be sure to leave comments below.

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Small World

My nabor accross the street, turned out being my cousin.
This guy that I use to hang out with, ended up bing her husband.
I saw an old friend from my past just yesterday.
I havent seen you in years, what brings you this way.

A family member died not to long ago.
I didnt know them well, but I figured I would show.
There I met new family, that I have know for years.
We use to get together to drink a few beers.

I dated this girl in school, but that was in a diffrent state.
She found my number in her purse, and now we have a date.
I thought that when I moved, I left the past behind.
Boy how it catches up, but I dont seem to mind.

I’ed like to travle the world and see all there is to see.
But why travle the world, when it ends up travling to me.
Everyone I know, seems to know people too.
And everyone they know, are people I once knew.

If you know a friend that knows me, maybe we should meet.
Who knows, it possible, I might live down the street.
So talk to your friend and maybe you can give me a call.
We could bump into each other sometime, Its a small world after all!

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A Poem About Nothing


What is that that I can not feel?
What is this that I can not steel?
What is in the life of death?
What is in my every breath?

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My Sexy Outfit

Here’s an old poem that I wrote back in high school during spirit week on opposite gender day.
The poem took some searching to dig up from the past as its an old journal entry for English class back in 2001.
I even found a picture to go along with it.


High heels, Pantyhose,
Painted nails, Painted toes.
Short skirt, Girls shirt,
Makeup done, I’m a flirt!

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DIY – Designer Hosiery


DIY – Designer Hosiery, LegStyle:

Watch LegStyle video and see what you too could do, to create your own LegStyle!
Don’t just toss out those old tights or pantyhose! Use them to create whole new looks!
I did all this for under $5. !

DIY – Designer Hosiery, LegStyle:

Posted by Christopher James