Hosiery Care Guide: How To Avoid Having To Replace Your Favourite Pair

I saw this and thought it’d be nice to share with everyone! Thanks to Fox & Rose for the post!

Fox & Rose: The Lingerie Blog


Laddered StockingsHosiery is a fine and delicate thing that needs to be looked after and cared for, not manhandled and abused. If you’re just going to grab your favourite pair from a chaotic drawer stuffed full of other clothes and shove your legs into them without much attention then they aren’t going to last very long. We want to make sure your beautiful hosiery stays beautiful and gives you joy for much longer, so we’ve created our very own care guide to help you.

Storing Your Hosiery


There are some amazing innovative hosiery storage ideas out there such as the Stoxbox (pictured above). This cute little box was invented by Danielle Ashcroft after she bought a pair of stockings, not realising she already had the exact same pair at home because they were lost in an unorganised drawer. To use, you simply insert the Stoxbox into the tights or stockings and push…

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