Guys, let’s face it… Men wearing pantyhose is not “normal”, at least not any more… Nowadays if you’re a guy wearing pantyhose, some people are going to wonder different things.  Especially women…
The best thing you can do is continue being yourself, and if or when it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen!

I’ve received some emails in the past, and often come across a few forums, or discussion boards, where men who prefer wearing pantyhose ask advice on how to bring it up to someone they are  interested in having a relationship with.
My first thoughts are always the same:  Be Honest!
I’ve heard people say,  lie and tell her you have a medical condition which requires you to wear compression hosiery.
Don’t Ever Do That!

Telling someone the straight forward truth about something will be much better for you both.  You will have been honest & feel better about it, and even if the truth is unacceptable for the other person, you will have still kept their respect and trust for you having the courage to be truthful.


Another honest way of course is to never hide it in the first place…
Who knows, wearing could be the very thing that starts a conversation between you and that special someone whom you’ve not met yet, but will because she / he. Thinks your tights are sexy…  or at least makes you an interesting looking person to talk to.
Not hiding them is always better.

I remember before I met my wife, I dated this woman who had No idea that I wore pantyhose… I wasn’t trying to hide it, I just had not worn in a while due to work, and how hot it was that summer.
Well… winter rolls around, things cool down, and slow down for the season… it’s time for tights.  The woman I was with freaked out, and obviously we broke things off.

From then on out, I told myself that I never wanted to have to take break from pantyhose again.  I wore with shorts on a regular bases, always having a pair for each day or outfit.
This time I thought, the next person I meet, I want to know from the start, “I’m weird!”
Own it.

My wife hates pantyhose. She doesn’t like wearing them herself, and loves the days when I wear jeans. I can be embarrassing sometime, especially when we were in the dating phase of or relationship… People would ask her, “What do you see in that guy?” Or “WHY are you with a man who wears pantyhose?”.
It’s even caused a few arguments between us before in the past.
Once I even made this grand gesture of burning all of my pantyhose saying I was done wearing them. Though that was a waste of nylon, because I started wearing them again.
At the time I was so annoyed with the argument, I just wanted it to end. The more I thought about it… my wife met me wearing pantyhose, and feel in love with me wearing pantyhose.
So we made a compromise about my shaving my legs, and wearing pantyhose “Not All Of The Time”, because sometimes she wanted me to be a rugged manly looking man, with hairy legs… and before you get the wrong impression I should tell you, it wasn’t because she was trying to change me… it was because she wanted to feel like the sexy one every once in a while!

The point being, thought it’s had it’s ups and Downs, being myself and being open and honest about things, not hiding anything from the beginning… has all proven to be best!
I have met someone whom with I couldn’t possibly be happier!

She accepts me for me, pantyhose and all… so don’t worry about hiding them.
You have to be 100% you, and shouldn’t feel bad, or inferior in any way.
The ultimate goal with most relationships is to find and have a partner in life to love unconditional, and fell 100% comfortable with… someone you can share everything with, and you want them to be able to share everything with you. Feelings, Thoughts, Dreams, likes and dislikes, etc…
Why hide?
Read “Be Yourself.”

Posted by Christopher James


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