What Are Pantyhose?


What Are Pantyhose?

Pantyhose are a thin, light weight garment that are usually made of Silk, Nylon, and other light materials such as Cotton or Wool.
Made to act as both socks and underwear, covering the lower half of the human body from waist to toe.
In a lot of cases you will see them worn as pants as well… a 3 in 1 garment worn for fashion as well as it’s function.

If you’d like to see How It’s Made <– click to see video.

Originally created for men, however more commonly known today as a garment worn by women.

Worn by both men and women!


Pantyhose or Tights come in many styles, but what really sets them apart is the Denier.


Denier is the thickness or thinness of the pantyhose. The Lower the Denier, the thinner / more sheer the pantyhose. The Higher the Denier, the thicker / more opaque the pantyhose… that’s where pantyhose become more commonly known as “tights”.

Obviously the thicker the pantyhose, the warmer the wear, but why do we wear pantyhose?

Some companies require women to wear them as a part of their work or school uniform… such as flight attendants, or some office secretaries.
Men often wear them to promote better blood circulation throughout their legs, or for warmth. Most wear them because they are more comfortable than other under garments such as bulky hot long-johns, or other underwear such as boxers that tend to ride up, creating an uncomfortable wedgie that needs to be picked out from time to time throughout the day.

Where can I find pantyhose?

Easy… most department stores such Walmart, K-Mart, and Target carry various styles of tights and pantyhose in the women’s section. You can also find them in most drugstores like Rite-Aid or Walgreens…
If you’re looking for pantyhose made specifically for men, the best place to look is online.
How much do they coast?
The price of pantyhose all depends on the style, or material used to make them. More times than most however, the cost of pantyhose depends on the brand name that makes them.
The average cost can be anywhere between 5 and 50 dollars.
I myself have never spent more than fifteen dollars on one pair of pantyhose.
Thought they can seem expensive at times, I believe that some pairs are well worth it!

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