Be Yourself


I often receive emails from other men, asking me “how do you do it.” Referring to me wearing pantyhose in public view… they ask “Do you get beat up a lot?”, “Are you gay?” , “What does your wife say about you wearing pantyhose?”, and my own personal favorite question I get asked the most is simply “Why?”

Wearing in public is easy… if you’re able to not worry about what others might say or think of you… that is the tricky part for most.

We all want to be loved, some of us more than others. How could anyone love us if we are not being true to ourselves in who we are.
Although the act of wearing something, (be it pantyhose or a clown nose) does not define who you are as a person…
In order to be yourself, you must first be comfortable in your own skin… or in this case clothes. Wear what makes you comfortable and don’t worries about what others think.

No… do not get beat up. I think because of my confidence in myself teamed with my overall personality, the fact I wear tights gets overlooked and people focus more on wondering what might happen next… I’m not sure on that one…

Yes… I often get mistaken for being gay, but not nearly as much as my gay friend gets mistaken for being straight, and he’s never worn pantyhose a day in his life… except for that one time he lost a bet, but I promised I wouldn’t mention that to anyone… sorry Hank.
The point is…
The act of wearing something does not make you gay… you could wear a rainbow bright nylon body suit, and walk in a gay pride parade, but unless you are physically & emotionally attracted to the same gender in some sexual way, you’re not gay.
Again that all goes back to being comfortable and being yourself.

What’s about my wife? What does she think of her husband wearing pantyhose?

She absolutely hates it, and wishes that I would stop wearing tights, or pantyhose. She’s told me on several occasions that she wanted to marry a rough and rugged man like Thor! Although that didn’t happen, instead she feel head over hills in love with this goofy looking weirdo that wears pantyhose…
As long as I keep to my own legwear draw, and don’t go into hers, then all is well… which is easy, because hers are too small and would never fit me.
Lastly, my favorite most common question I get asked.
To which I always reply, “Why Not?.
Ask “why not” and be prepared to debate on what ever reasons someone could possibly have as to why you shouldn’t wear pantyhose…
“They are for women.”
Wrong, there are several brand that make pantyhose just for men. ActivSkin is just one of many for example. Just like jeans, shirts, socks, etc…
I say “why not” because I’m curious to see where the conversation might go, and am always interested in hearing other points of view, rather a agree with them or not, it’s sure to come up again in another time or place.
The most honest response to a question of “why” is to simply tell the truth.
There are several reasons why men wear pantyhose, which you can read about in my other post.. for now I’ll give you my own personal & honest reason.

They’re so very much more comfortable than anything else I’ve ever worn.
I even wear them under my PJ’s for an extra layer of warmth and comfort.

Please, if you have any questions or comments, I welcome your emails and will respond back as soon as possible.


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