His Hosiery Hits Headlines


Turning heads and hitting headlines, women’s pantyhose are a thing of the past.  Meanwhile men’s hosiery is catching up from the past!

Today more men are wearing proudly in public.  After centuries of men taking a back seat to the legwear world of fashion, they’re finally finished hiding hosiery under their pants, and are shaking things up in shorts!

Be it all dressed up for work, or a casual night out for a game of pool, there are several styles to chose from.

My personal favorite are the tattoo looking pair of pantyhose as seen below.

Although I will admit that Yes, women do look better in pantyhose than men, that’s not to say men can’t still look good wearing them too…

I might look handsome in my suit & tie, but my wife makes my suit look sexy!

One of the best things about pantyhose, is that now they are making them specifically for the male anatomy .
With a comfort fly opening and reinforced toe and hell for men who are on their feet and live actively.

And it’s not just one company… several are starting to catch back up with the times!


With several styles to chose from,


Support your favorite team in style!


What ever your reasons..
Protection from insects,
Thermal layering & control,
Blood circulation,
Or just for Comfort..
and Style


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