From The Beginning


For as long as there have been humans to walk this planet we all live on together,  there have been various clothing styles, fashions, and trends to cover ourselves.  We are the the only species to make and wear such garments.  Crafted from various types of fabric, “tights” or “pantyhose” as they are called,  are with out a doubt, my own personal favorite style, or type of clothing.


Sometime around the 16th century, queen Elizabeth received her first par of hand knitted silk stockings.  Although similar garments can be found in Egyptian tombs around the feet of kings, dated back before 500.A.D
It wasn’t until sometime after queen Elizabeth began wearing them that Hosiery started to become more popular among women.

Thinner and lighter materials such as Nylon, was discovered in the early 1900’s. That’s when “pantyhose” really took off and hit the markets for Women everywhere!   What was once a simple article of warm clothing made by men, for men… later came to be known as “pantyhose”, the best selling garment since the invention of the wheel.


Stockings became such a craze for women everywhere.  Dupont called it “Make-up for your legs”  and women who could not afford them would literally paint there legs to create the illusion of wearing stockings.  When Dupont stopped making stockings and focused all of their energy to supporting our troops during  a time of war, there became a shortage of stockings everywhere.  Women were even asked to donate old pairs of stockings for the materials to be used in parachutes, bandages, etc. for soldiers over seas.
After the shortage of stockings, a lot of  women were forced to go without.  To fill that void of having sleek & sexy legs to show off, women started shaving their legs and would use eye liner to draw a thin black line tracing up the back of their legs, from heel to buttocks.  Creating once again the illusion of a seem as though they were wearing nude stockings.




Today there are hundreds of thousands of colors,  textures, patterns, and styles to chose from.



From socks to pants, leg wraps to knee highs, rather you want to have the garment in question to go up to your thigh, or all the way up to your waist.
If you prefer, you can even get a full body suit to cover you from head to toe… although that’s a bit extreme, even for me… I say wear what makes you comfortable!   The only tricky part will be finding the right size, as all size charts are different, and it’s not exactly something you can try before you by.
It shouldn’t be to difficult… my most challenging hurdle with hosiery thus far has been finding a good outfit to match!


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2 thoughts on “From The Beginning

  1. Michael says:

    Great blog post and insight. I wear compression hosiery due to edema from 8 couple of knee replacements surgeries.

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